South West Sydney 1994-2014

UTSeScholarship, UTS Library

Second generation migrant reflects on migration journey from farming to real estate

Resident from Sadleir reflects on people in community & working life.

Resident from Busby reflecting on life as an orphan, career in police force and community of Green Valley.

Poultry farmer and former market gardener reflects on working life & settling on fringes of Sydney.

Resident from Sadleir reflects on life before Green Valley and the move to the public housing estate, .

Residents who worked at Miller Post Office reflect on their employment & their lives in the community.

Teacher, St Therese Primary School

Third generation Croatian whose father John & family grew tomatoes in Green Valley then Prestons. Maurice's company, the Tulich Family Communities, supported the Pioneers of the Fringe Postcode 2179 project

Second generation market gardener born to Italian immigrants

Mushroom & pea farmer on south west Sydney fringes migrating from concentration camps in Germany.


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